Breeding beef cattle that would have the best breed qualities requires willpower, determination, passion and time

Aberdeen Angus beef cattle are the most loved cattle breed by butchers, chefs and housemakers alike. We at Vilsi Angus breeding farm also love the Aberdeen Angus beef cattle. Breeding beef cattle with the best breed qualities is our passion, and we aim to provide our beef cattle with the best living conditions available.

What are the Aberdeen Angus beef cattle like?

Aberdeen Angus cattle are naturally polled – without horns. Aberdeen Angus cattle have an affectionate and placid nature. They are not picky when it comes to food, are in good health and, in suitable living conditions, can live a long life. Angus cattle can weigh around half a ton. Angus cattle have massive withers and rounded rear ends as well as long legs. Aberdeen Angus cattle thrive in most climates and environmental conditions. Farming Aberdeen Angus beef cattle is profitable because high-quality beef is obtained at minimal cost.

Angus beef is of good quality

The Angus breed is easy to keep, because they mature early and their meat is of very high-quality. Moreover, their ratio of lean meat, fat and bone is excellent, as the cattle feed on natural food, mostly pasture grass. This makes their meat a part of a natural and healthy diet. Cooking the marbled beef brings out its tenderness, juiciness and full flavor. Beef quality is determined by the age of the beef cattle, their food ration and living conditions. Therefore, we at Vilsi Angus cattle farm try to create as ideal living conditions for the cattle as possible.

Vilsi Angus beef cattle belongs among the best

Our mission is to offer world-class beef cattle and their genetic material in domestic and foreign markets. To achieve this, we have been constantly improving ourselves in cattle farming and collecting the best genetics for cattle breeding since 2012. We work every day to make cattle farming more popular and to keep it at a high level in both Estonia and the entire world!

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